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The Groundwork Tech Migrator (GWT Migrator) is an innovative data migration platform developed specifically to help hospitals and clinics simplify Electronic Medical Record (EMR) upgrades and migrations.

The Groundwork Tech Data Specialist (TDS) migration team use proven processes, which combines technology and a human element, to make your EMR migration seamless, stress-free, and with minimal disruption.

We evaluate your requirements, present a cost-effective proposal, and deliver your project to an accuracy above 99.5%. Our experience of managing resources for migration projects of greater than 1 million plus records means your solution will be delivered within agreed timelines and with the highest quality.

Plus, you’ll have the security of Groundwork Tech’s cloud based data security, saved in the country and behind a firewall in a secure data center, with access 24/7.

Talk to Groundwork Tech, the EMR Migration specialist, about a customized solution to migrate your Healthcare data.



Documented evidence validates how the GWT Migrator will achieve migration record quality and accuracy of above 99.5% from source. Our solution allows certified “need to know” end users the ability to interface with the system to validate and certify migrated patient data and records. Added quality comes with our recommendation for the client to conduct random spot checks throughout the process and any given point along the way.


The accuracy and efficiency of the GWT Migrator means agreed timelines will be achieved with minimal unforeseen delays. The migration work can be completed in waves to fit in with timeline requirements, e.g. clinics or departments coming on line. Resources are flexible and work remotely across the country in different time-zones allowing for 24-hour coverage.

  • Migration record accuracy of above 99.5%.
  • Quality controls built into the GWT Migrator process to automate mapping from source.
  • Granular content-tracking capabilities allow the reconciliation and consolidation of duplicate records created from multiple databases.
  • Patient care increases with the ability to have most current consolidated patient record available.


  • 24-hour resource working capability if required.
  • Ability for global system updates on charts or records
  • Work completed in waves to match rolling schedule need.
  • Flexible resources to match fluctuation of demand.

Human Element/SECURITY

To enhance the quality of the migration, HIPAA Certified and Medically trained qualified resources are engaged to review exceptions flagged by the system as out of compliance. Our goal is to have as little manual intervention as possible so automation plays a huge role in the record migration effort. We have also built into the GWT Migrator process the ability for your Senior Staff to review patient records and charts for accuracy prior them being considered complete, and pushed to the destination system. Our Data Specialist Leads also adds another layer of validation which adds a further level of quality control.


Our EMR Data Specialist conversion team will use the GWT Migrator to migrate extracted data from multiple source EMR systems. Whether it’s legacy data from an old system, or a migration from several different systems at sites that are now going to work collaboratively, Groundwork Tech has the experience and technology to deliver a successful solution.

  • Qualified human element handles exceptions more efficiently.
  • Automated discrepancies are flagged automatically and reviewed by Data Specialist .
  • Images are presented side by side on screen for effective checking.
  • Data is secure and only resources you provide access will have rights to see data.
  • Specialist in extracting and converting EMR data.
  • The GWT Migrator interfaces with multiple source EMR’s: Cerner, Centricity, Practice Partners, and Epic.
  • Can interface with home grown systems.
  • Solution available for paper records conversion if required.


A successful migration project starts with a conversation. Talk to a Groundwork Tech representative today about your migration requirements and see how our unique GWT Migrator and experienced team can deliver the results and quality you want.


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