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Migrating your systems to a cloud based service has many benefits. No need for bulky servers taking up valuable space at your premises. Avoiding expensive cap ex investment every time expansion or updates are required. Improved data security and the ability to meet the growing business needs of remote access by users. Plus, the cost-effective option of remote services for maintenance and fast response to problems.

A growing number of businesses are migrating their systems to cloud based solutions such as, Office 365 and Azure workloads through a single easy-to-use interface. Talk to the experts at Groundwork Tech and we’ll explain the benefits in a business focused manner that helps you to make the best decisions.


Mailbox Migrations

When we migrate your businesses email system to the cloud your staff won’t even notice. All related and archived documents will be migrated from backup with no loss of data so there is no negative impact on your business.

Document Migrations

Groundwork Tech can migrate any volume of documents from your current storage system, on premises or cloud based, to any destination location. Using the latest automated technology tools your document folders will retain their familiar hierarchy and appearance.

  • Limit customer downtime while migration takes place
  • All email related items migrated: calendars, contacts, task, journals, notes and settings
  • Document migrations with no loss of data
  • Infrastructure Build
  • Any source to any destination
  • Utilizes automated solution
  • Works with OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox
  • Maintains file hierarchy and permissions (on Premises or in Cloud)


Database Migration

Having data stored in many different databases requires a systematic approach to migration.  At Groundwork Tech we are equipped with a dedicated set of tools that enable us to complete migrations effectively while maintaining data integrity.

Desktop Configuration

Based upon your company’s user configurations, Groundwork Tech will be able to configure resources to match their role within the organization.  In addition, end users will be able to self-help on many task and not require support from help desk.  In the case of more critical required support, we have the technical team available and ready to support your needs.

  • Migrate on-premises SQL databases to MS on-prem, hosted or cloud based SQL databases (Azure SQL)
  • Public Folder Migration -Legacy folders to modern public folders (MS Exchange and O365)
  • Cloud Storage Migration -migrate files from common unstructured storage (including on-prem file storage and AWS Blob storage) to Azure Blob Storage.
  • Configure from web browser.
  • No physical device touching.
  • Tenant-to-tenant (O365 to O365).
  • Does not require admin credentials.
  • Management Care (full 24/7 User and Admin Support).
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