Manage Services Provider (MSP)

Manage Services Provider (MSP)
Groundwork Tech will supply resources to help your business deliver complex, multi-project programs cost effectively. Our qualified resources will provide synergies across related projects, reducing costs and accelerating delivery. We have an agile approach to program management consulting, responding effectively to our clients evolving business priorities while maintaining focus on program execution. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best qualified talent to accomplish the job and provide complete stakeholder visibility.
Mailbox Migrations: Strong leadership is required when delivering complex projects and our Leadership experience will be able to help guide teams through delivery. With clear understanding of our customer needs we will provide the resources in the following skillset:
  • Zero customer downtime
  • Email related items (calendars, contacts, task, journals, notes and settings)
  • Document Migrations
  • Infrastructure Build

Document Migrations: With strong leadership, there will be the need for just as equally strong analysis. We work with our clients collect, document and validate key business objectives and then translate into meaningful requirements.

  • Any source to any destination
  • Utilizes automated solution
  • Works with OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox
  • Maintains file hierarchy and permissions (on Prem or in Cloud)

Database Migration: We take the approach that quality assurance must guide design and project activities, not just validate results. We provide consistent framework across projects and programs, delivering uniform quality process rollout and training services.

  • Migrate on-premises SQL databases to MS on-prem, hosted or cloud based SQL databases (Azure SQL)
  • Public Folder Migration – Legacy folders to modern public folders (MS Exchange and O365)
  • Cloud Storage Migration – migrate files from common unstructured storage (including on-prem file storage and AWS Blob storage) to Azure Blob Storage

Desktop Configuration: Our capabilities include major infrastructure upgrades, rollout of virtualization technologies, server consolidation, and integration of cloud services. We also have extensive experience managing a wide range of other data center optimization initiatives to improve business service performance.

  • Configure from web browser
  • No physical device touching
  • Tenant-to-tenant (O365 to O365)
  • Does not require admin credentials
  • Management Care (full 24/7 User and Admin Support)